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About Us

At Wingman Marketing, we care about you, your employees, your families, and the success of your law firm. We understand the depth of the competition that you face in an ever-expanding internet marketing contest. We know how difficult it can be to grow a business, whether you are a new startup or a large corporate entity. That’s why we are dedicated to bringing the best technological and advertising solutions to your marketing strategy.

Even more important, however, we believe in giving you the concentrated individual attention needed to win.


What We Offer

Many internet marketing companies exist for you to choose from. All of them may claim to be the best. What do we bring to the table when it comes to partnering with you in this vital venture?

Our dedicated team comes from diverse backgrounds and has been working in the digital marketing field since 2001.

We have experience at managing advertising campaigns for law firms just entering the market to multi-million dollar brand advertisers.

Our core focus is to manage all aspects of marketing for law firms across the United States.

We come up a marketing plan with you, not for you. We consider you part of the team.

Our chief aim is help you grow your business.

We provide full transparency with our work and our results.

We don’t require long-term contracts or locking you in with “proprietary systems” claims. We are confident in what we do, believe in delivering what we promise, and putting our money where our mouth is.

Our goal is not to manage thousands of clients on a daily basis.

When it comes to clients, we aren’t striving for quantity.

The Difference in
Our Approach

What is the basic difference between Wingman Marketing and the rest of the internet marketing crowd? It’s simple but radical.

Our focus
is quality.

We are selective in who we work with so that we can work with them every single day to bring about the success they deserve.

The more successful our clients become, the more business they bring in, the more they grow. That growth determines our success in this very vital and competitive field. We rate ourselves on the number of cases our strategies create for your firm.

Lastly, Wingman Marketing is not a large, impersonal entity where your firm can get lost in the shuffle. We don’t neglect any of our clients because another one is bigger or grander or has been around longer. We don’t play favorites. Every client is important to us.


We are a family and will treat you as part of that family.

Call Wingman Marketing to learn more about how our marketing strategies can work for you.